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Sling Assessment and Use

Updated: Aug 7, 2021

Recording and selecting of a service user's sling can be at times haphazard and contribute to serious injury and death. This is why we have created Sling Summaries.

Sling Summaries are a collection of printable templates which can be used to easily document a service user's sling assessment and use. Each Sling Summary represents a commonly used type of sling.

Sling Summaries should be utilised in conjunction with appropriate training, supervision, assessment and with the licensee's own policies and procedures.

What information should be on a sling?

ISO10535 Hoists for the transfer disabled persons - requirements and test methods and Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment Regulations 1998 (LOLER) help to identify what information should be on a sling.

  • Name of sling design

  • Sling size

  • ID number

  • Safer Working Load (SWL)

  • Month & year of manufacture or an expiry date

  • Alert to the Instructions for Use (IFU),

  • An indication if the sling has to be used on a specific type f spreader bar, cleaning instructions

  • Manufacturer's contact details

Sling inspections

Care givers, nurses and support workers can be under immense time pressure, which has only been exasperated by the global coronavirus pandemic, however it is vital that slings are checked before each use. If a sling is damaged due to incorrect storage, or whilst laundered, then the before use checks are the only way it will be picked up between 6 month thorough inspections.

A 6 month check of a sling is also required. This should be more thorough and with the requirement that this be documented.

Some before use and 6 month check considerations include:

  • Check general sling condition

  • Check label

  • Check straps/clips

  • Check compatibility

  • Check SWL

  • Size and suitability

If you are concerned about the condition of a sling then take it out of circulation and report to management.

If your organisation is struggling with sling inspection requirements then check with your manufacturer as some manufacturers have produced inspection checklist templates for their slings. Sling inspection apps have also been produced which can work in concert with QR codes to aide recording.

Please share any best practice tips regarding sling use and assessment in the comments below!

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