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The ASPOD® device is designed to carry an emergency dose of 300mg of soluble aspirin in case of suspected heart attack or angina.


An info-loop™ ribbon is provided  to add crucial contact information. It is luminous and accessible in the dark.  


ASPOD®:The first and only system designed to provide instant access to an emergency dose of soluble aspirin- wherever you are!


Fits your keyring, belt loop, handbag, golf/sports bag or rucksack.


Protects soluble aspirin from breaking, powdering, and dampness.


Always accessible - even in the dark!



If in the past an allergic reaction to aspirin has been experienced, aspirin should not be taken and medical advice should be sought.


The ASPOD® should be kept out of reach of children!


Please note: Aspirin is not included.

300mg Aspirin can be purchased at a pharmacy.


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