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Easy Leg Turner - Leg Lifter

Easy Leg Turner - Leg Lifter

SKU: ELT100200

Please note this is a special order item, please allow 10 days for delivery.


Simple but brilliant, this leg lifter allows a carer to safely raise a person’s legs and swivel them into or out of bed – all in a matter of seconds.


The Easy Leg Turner allows single carers to maintain patient/client comfort by supporting the patient’s legs while raising their feet to swivel them into bed or onto a sofa. Designed for safe and easy use, the manual leg lifter is comfortable to sit on and slippery to enable easy turning. The patient only requires upper sitting balance for a few seconds while the carer rotates their legs. When not in use, carers can roll up the leg lifter and store it in the easy carry bag.


The leg lifter has a Safe Working Load (SWL) of 100kg (15.74 stone) and can be used with a hoist. Slanjava Learning Ltd also stocks extension straps, which carers can attach to the leg lifter to prevent having to bend down when manoeuvring patients/clients.


Please view the images to see how the leg lifter can be used. If you need further advice about the Easy Leg Turner  please get in touch.


An instructional video will also be emailed showing correct usage techniques and relevant safety tips.



  • Slippery fabric enables easy patient repositioning
  • Robust design supports patients weighing up to 100kg
  • Fully washable to promote excellent infection control
  • Complete with bag for easy transportation
  • Great for those who have difficulty turning in bed


FIM Independence Level: 4–3


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