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Emotion Flashcards

Emotion Flashcards

Our Emotion flashcards are a fantastic resource to help your child start to identify the different emotions that they feel. Each emotion has been beautifully hand drawn with the emotion word underneath in a clear text.


Talking about how children are feeling and for children too have the confidence to express their emotions is such a valuable life skill and one that is being heavily promoted in schools. They are an ideal resource for children from the age of 3 upwards who are just starting to recognise letters of the alphabet.

Our emotion flashcards contain a pack of 16 emotions which can be used in different fun ways to get your child talking about how they are feeling.

The emotions included are:

  • happy
  • sad
  • angry
  • excited
  • shocked
  • worried
  • confused
  • shy
  • embarrassed
  • tired
  • scared
  • proud
  • loved
  • calm
  • frustrated
  • jealous

We have chosen to print them on Eco-Kraft card so that the print is easily visible and the children aren’t distracted by bright colours. This is particularly helpful for children with additional learning needs.


We always try to make our products as Eco-friendly as possible. So our cards are printed on A6 Eco Kraft recycled card 270gsm. They also come with an organic cotton bag to store them in - there is no plastic in sight!

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