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Sling Summary 001-005 Loops Bundle (One Licence)

Sling Summary 001-005 Loops Bundle (One Licence)

Sling Summary Bundle 001-005 Loops  (One Licence)

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This bundle contains templates 001-005 and respresents amazing value!


Sling Summaries are a collection of printable templates which can be used to easily document a service user's sling assessment and use.


Each Sling Summary represents a commonly used type of sling. 


Templates can be purchased individually or as a pack (see Shop).


Sling Summaries should be utilised in conjunction with appropriate training, supervision, assessment and with the licensee's own policies and procedures.


By purchasing a licence you are agreeing to the Sling Summaries EULA and our relevant policies.


Printing and copying is permitted by purchase of a licence.

Any unauthorised use, copying or reproduction is strictly prohibited.

© 2021 Slanjava Learning Ltd.


  • File format

    Digital download consists of a .zip file containing the following:

    • 001-005 w/Loops Sling Summary Printable Templates (.pdf)
    • Completed Example of 001-005 Sling Summaries (.pdf)
    • Sling Summaries Information (.pdf)
    • Copy of  Sling Summaries EULA (.pdf)
    • Copy of Article Download T&Cs (.pdf)
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