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Zog Pop-out Playset

Zog Pop-out Playset

Zog Pop-out Playset


Press-out and play to see everyone’s favourite young dragon come to life. Build and play with Zog, his classmates and Princess Pearl. 


28 pieces made from sturdy and sustainable Playboard to connect, slot together, and bring out again and again. 


Using the original artwork, with charming character details to spark your little one’s imagination.


Perfect for ages 4-10: Develop construction, problem solving and motor skills whilst exploring characters and storytelling.


Zero-waste and super-easy: Lightweight flatpack packaging makes it travel-friendly with no bulky plastic or complicated set-up.


Eco-conscious: Manufactured in the UK with Playboard, our compostable material made with wood pulp from sustainably-managed forests.


Made in United Kingdom

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